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June 2011



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Jun. 16th, 2011



Wake up!

The last entry was in 2009...
I can barely find any communities for Karin Slaughter, and her books are TRULY brilliant...

Let's try and liven things up a bit. ;-)

Who has read Fallen? What did you think? :-)

..So the dates for her Fallen tours can be found here: Fallen tour!

Plus here website has been updated It looks really cool!

Um.. and yeah that's all. :-P

Jul. 22nd, 2009


Tour dates

I forgot to write about her Tour dates in the previous post, so there ya go:

Tour Dates

AppearancesCollapse )

All credits go to http://www.karinslaughter.com.                                                                                                       
Tour Dates can also be found here.



Karin Slaughter will be on Tour

According to her newsletter - so I guess there's something right about it =) - Karin Slaughter will be on Tour due to her new publsihed book. So those of you who have the chance and live close can drop by and get a book signed aaaaaaaaand.....there's also CONTEST TIME!!!

The "Get Slaughtered" contest will take place for the second time and all you have to do is fill out a card with your name and so on and then your name might appear in her next book that will obviously be called "BROKEN" - which is the next book in the series.

Anything else?! I think that was the most important thing by now. Anyone going there?


Genesis / Undone now available

Karin's new book "Genesis (UK) / Undone (US)" hit the bookstores this months.

This time the "Grand County Series" and the "Atlanta Series" will be united so we have Sara, Will and Faith working on case and I guess there will be a couple of others, that we already know, along the way.

Someone had spent time with her - someone well-practiced in the art of pain...Collapse )

For those of you, who don't read the book by now, me included I admit, you can read the first chapter here: Genesis - Chapter One

Did someone already read the book?! What do you think? - Please be careful with spoilers if you tell us something - What about the others? What do you expect or think when you read the summary?

Of course, I don't own anything and credits go to Karin Slaughter and www.karinslaughter.com

Jul. 18th, 2009


New community

Maybe, some of you remember that I once started the community saralinton !

The thing is that things didn't quite work out th way I planned them to and I decided to give it another try and using anyother, more common name, might help.

Nothing really changed guys. I just hope we'll have fun here and can use this place to share thoughts on books, fanfictions and news. And whatever comes to your mind.

There are a few rules that I like you to follow. Nothing new I'd say, you'll find them in the profile.

I just hope we can make this place to a great source for everything concerning Karin Slaughter, her books and characters.

So... SPREAD THE WORD! She really deserves a vivid community!